Bayfront Pride Festival 2017


Saturday, September 2, 2017 from 11am – 7pm (Free)

Reggae fest 1 copy-1240The annual free Pride Festival will celebtrate our 31st anniversary in Duluth’s beautiful panoramic Bayfront Festival Park. With an expanded festival layout, the day promises to be fabulous! Two beer tents, an exciting group of exhibitors and vendors, including once again an area of fun games and activities for children & families. As always, the day will be filled with music and entertainment culminating with three incredible concert acts.

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2017 events still being planned, but here is a look back at 2016:

Entertainment Lineup:

DJ Space Cat | ALL DAY

DJ SpaceCat holds a Sunday night residency at the Flame Nightclub in Superior, WI. Playing a mix of throwback jams and new dance hits SpaceCat always keeps the party moving… and in the case of the Pride Festival, ALL DAY! Wear a cat shirt for extra fun! Meow.


The Minnesota Ballet | 10:45 AM

Hearts pounding, adrenaline rushing, lights dimming, and…curtain up! Dancers rush onto the stage, taking your breath away from the moment they lift an arm or hurl themselves through space. They make you feel an emotion, exhilarate in the beauty of bodies moving to music, and marvel at the clarity of the stories they tell, all without uttering a word.


WE ARE BROB | 11:15 AM

brobThousands of years ago, the Ancients prophesied the coming of a great power which would rend the heavens apart and Legend tells of a power, alone in all of the cosmos, that when brought forth would shape the very foundations of reality. For the ancients knew that, even when separated by untold distances, there would come a time when The Two would join forces and ignite the fires of cosmic illumination.

The time is now, and two are known… as BROB.


RoofTop Fable | 12:00 AM

RoofTop Fable is a Minnesota raised modern rock band featuring smokey female vocals by the colorful Suzy Q,toe tapping beats by the rhythmic Faye Baron, thick ear perking bass lines by Dan Krause and the unforgettably catchy guitar riffs of the ever inspired Mikey Trifilette. RTF brings a unique energy and creativity to their music. They captivate their audience with thought provoking lyrics, sprinkled over upbeat songs and bluesy undertones. They have infectiously unstoppable melodies and a raw passion in their performance. Their individual influences range from blues, pop and folk rock to metal, jazz,punk and indie. With such a wide variety of influences, the quartet creates a melting pot style of music of the rock persuasion. Suzy Q.’s deep sultry vocals are raspy, bluesy and alluring. The bass, guitar and drums cultivate a fierce force of musical harmony. RoofTop Fable released their debut album “Chapter One” in November 2015 and have been hard at work in the studio recording their second album due to release within the year. RTF is currently writing their third album.


Tender Ness | 12:45 PM

Tenderness (Duluth native Peter Witrak) is a sultry crooner inspired by the great jazz songwriting tradition. Spinning together elements of lounge, jazz and kitsch, his songs fashion rich textures, soaring melodies and Bossa Nova-style grooves. His first full-length album Blues and Oranges is available online beginning August 2nd.


Keynote Speaker – Rosemary Rocco | 1:30 PM

Rosemary is a life long Feminist Lesbian activist and organizer, who worked in Duluth from the mid 70’s on to achieve a protection for LGBTQ people in the Duluth Human Rights ordinances. Her day speakerjobs included work as a health planner, therapist at Miller Dwan Medical Center and Executive Director of PAVSA.With Bob Jansen, she co-lead organizing to defeat the referendum in the 80’s which called for (and achieved with it passage) the rescission of the Human Rights Ordinance adopted by the Duluth City Council in 1986. Rosemary’s current focus is on final passage of the Equal Rights Amendment to ensure constitutional protection of all human rights regardless of gender, and continues to stand up for LGBTQ rights at any opportunity. She lives in Maple Grove, with cat Moki and counts her wealth in her many sisters and brothers of the heart who have shared the road to freedom and justice for all.


Flaming Productions Drag Troupe | 1:45 PM

Flaming Productions is a performance drag troupe based in2014-08-30 14.09.12 the Duluth/Superior area, striving to entertain crowds monthly at both of the Flame Nightclubs. We’ve been performing in the Twin Ports area since the first Flame Nightclub opened in 2008, and many of our performers have been performing for years before. Our goal is to bring the art of drag to new levels, and continue to entertain the fantastic audiences of the Duluth/Superior area and beyond.


Paper Parlor | 2:30 PM

Paper Parlor is a four-piece music group with an enthusiasm to have a party every time, and to connect and interact with their audience! They aim to leave something meaningful behind at each of their shows.


Venus De Mars | 3:15 PM

Venus de Mars is a multidisciplinary artist and musician, best known as a singer-songwriting transgender rock star and leader of the band All the Pretty Horses. De Mars is also one of the foundational artists for Rifle Sport Alternative Art Gallery, creating the iconic big blue doors that fronted on Hennepin Avenue and installations that included a Honda Civic art car parked halfway up the main staircase. A chance tax audit transformed her into a champion of artists’ tax rights, after which the Venus de Mars Fund with Springboard for the Arts was established. De Mars is the recipient of multiple grants and awards, among them a Minnesota State Arts Board grant, a Bush Fellowship, and a Minnesota Music Award. She recently completed a tour with Laura Jane Grace and “Against Me,” and an acoustic album produced by longtime collaborator Barb Morrison (Debbie Harry, Rufus Wainwright, Scissor Sisters, etc.)


South of Superior | 4:00 PM

Duluth’s Reader Weekly has described South of Superior as a “local super group”: Members Andy Hauswirth, Tom Berrigan, and Luke Perry have played in various groups around the area for 18+ years, including Mooshy Cookie, Loose Cannons, and The What 4. Hannah Rey adds raw, soulful vocals to an eclectic mix of covers ranging from Adele, Brandi Carlile, and K.T. Tunstall all the way to Red Hot Chili Peppers and Queen. Each member lends their own style and musicianship for a fresh and energy-filled show.


Aerialist | Alex Loch (with Red Mountain)

Alex Loch has practiced Aerial Silks for the past 6 years, performing alexat multiple past PRIDE events, fundraisers and weddings.  In addition to aerial dancing, Alex is a modern dancer, Ballroom dance instructor and former Junior Olympic gymnast. He works as a Physical Therapist with Essentia Health and a Company Physical Therapist for the MN Ballet. This is Alex’s second collaboration with Red Mountain on the Bayfront stage.


Red Mountain | 5:00 PM

There is a great deal of spectacle surrounding Red Mountain performances, but the style doesn’t trump the substance. The band’s debut album Scowl Lightly was voted Best Album of 2014 by readers of Perfect Duluth Day, and the record didn’t include fire dancers, aerialists or sequin Live shows, on the other hand, could include any of those things and more. Anton Jimenez-Koeckl and his Rhodes piano lead this avant-garde bohemian pop band, which has grown over the years to become a roughly nine-piece ensemble. The roster includes Grace Holden on trumpet, Erin Tope on tambourine, “Big Rig” Matt Mobley on bass, Cory Coffman on drums, Charlotte Montgomery on percussion, Soren Dietzel on clarinet and saxophone, “Gold Tooth” Jeremy Ehlert on bass and Becca DeBoer on trombone. Intertwined on stage with extra shakers, cow bells, whistling and yelling they create a feel-good dancing extravaganza.


Social Disaster | 6:00 PM

socailSince the 2015 release of Dark Side of the Roller Rink, this collective of local talent moved beyond the trapping of “super group” shtick and matured into a professional workaday band with some good ol’ fashioned punk-rock sneer. Center stage gets consumed by the gritty vocal performances of Rachel Phoenix as guitarists Jesse Hoheisel and Jacob Swanson, along with Jake Larson’s moog, offer steamy bowls of neural distortion. Keeping this monster in check, drummer Ryan Nelson affords them the reigns to seamlessly go from clever, dark garage-rock to malt-shop/motorcycle pop without missing a beat.